e-sourcing: a tool to manage your Requests for Proposal

"The first profit is made in purchasing“ Which purchaser has not heard this saying?
It still takes time and effort to prepare and manage professional Requests for Proposal, also knowing that this basically simple task can turn out to be a long and tedious process. Sourcival is a e-sourcing software, which enables you to manage your Request for Proposal process from preparation to award.

E-sourcing, what does it cover?

"Sourcing" is a business activity which occurs as a precursor to the actual purchase and endeavors  to automate the selection of suppliers through Requests for Proposals... And "e-sourcing“? The same,  except that activities are further automated and streamlined by using an on-line service

An automated process

Sourcival streamlines and automates your Request for Proposal process .

  1. The preparation of Requests for Proposal and the sollicitation of suppliers of your choice by electronic means.
  2. The follow-up of your Requests for Proposal until the deadline, including management of questions and answers and convenient review of the proposals.
  3. The comparison of the submitted proposals and the selection of the best one (including communication with all suppliers).

Sourcival also takes care of managing the communication with the suppliers and compiling all documents (RFP, proposals, attachments)

Rapidly measurable benefits

Sourcival was designed for purchasing managers (agents?) of companies and public institutions (organizations?). The benefits which accrue through its use are readily measurable: cost reduction, time savings, standardization of the processes....

The free version (START) can can be used immediately, the version PRO takes about 24 hours to be ready for use (customing process).

Free registration and test the version START within 5 minutes.



How does Sourcival work?

Follow in detail the entire process managed by Sourcival

10 reasons to utilize Sourcival immediately

The key benefits of Sourcival
Business intelligence

A tedious process

Assemble the documents, describe the needs and requirements, contact suppliers, answer questions, compare the proposals, select the best proposal, reject the unsuccessful proposals, evaluate the allowances, archive the documents ...etc.


An automated and well managed process improves the work experience of any purchasing professional

Sourcival supports you in optimizing all purchasing tasks and enables you to focus on the essential responsibilities of a purchasing professional.