How it works

How Sourcical can simplify the life of professional purchasing agents and lower a company’s costs.


1. To prepare a Request for Proposal – nothing simpler than that!

Sourcival has defined all the elements, which are needed for a proper (or "well prepared" or "professional“) Request for Proposal.  An on-line assistant guides you step by step until the Request for Proposal is being sent off.


Description of the Request for Proposal (RFP)


Selection of the purchase category

Title and description of the RFP 

Attachment of documents (PDF, Word, Excel...)

Expiration date of RFP (deadline for proposals) 


Definition of preferences


Terms of delivery (locality, schedule...)

Accepted languages for proposals

Price information: current, target, maximum (for the comparison of proposals) 


Invitation of suppliers


Suggestions of suppliers in reference to RFP

Invitation of your own suppliers

Immediate selection among your favorite suppliers 


Selection of Options


Types of Requests for Proposal: standard, inverse auction "ranking" or "pricing" 

Selection of data visible to suppliers

Definition of allowed communication methods 

Definition of selection criteria with priority settings  

Add commentary for suppliers (optional)


Preview and sending of Request for Proposal


Saving and preview of Request for Proposal

Potential changes and corrections

Launching your Request for Proposal with a single click! 

Sourcival sends invitation e-mails automatically to your suppliers 

The suppliers you have invited can use Sourcival free of charge and deliver their proposals


2. On-line review: Monitoring, communication, review of proposals...

During this phase of the RFP process, your suppliers can provide you with immediate feed-back per e-mail. You can respond to their questions and review the sent-in proposals directly in your Sourcival interface.


Informations and „communication“ in real time


Sourcival informs you about all events in regard to your Request for Proposals.

E-mail message when your supplier has accepted your invitation

E-mail message when a supplier has sent in a proposal


Sourcival Questions and Answers system


A supplier may ask a precise question in regard to a special point

Your answer will be transmitted immediately to all suppliers

Sending messages to one, several or all suppliers  

Questions and Answers are being saved and are accessible at any time 


On-line review of proposals


Review of porposals sent in by the suppliers

Review and download of documents attached by the suppliers 

The documents are being saved and are accessible at any time

Ability to refuse a non-responive proposal, the supplier can replace a proposal until the shown deadline


3. Compare and select the best proposal

You have clearly described your needs, you have responded to your suppliers’ questions, they have sent in their proposal and the deadline has passed. It is time to select the best proposal. Sourcival arranges the sent-in proposals in such a way as to allow you an easy comparison and well-reasoned choice.


Comparison of the sent-in proposals


Summary and comparison of all proposals

Graphic comparison of the proposals

Comparison of proposals in relation to price (current, target, and maximum  

Access to detail of each proposal and review of attached documents


Selection of best proposal


Comparions of prices in relation to indicated prices

Selection of best offer with personalized e-mail message to selected supplier

Envoi d'un message personnalisé à tous les fournisseurs dont l'offre a été déclinée 


After the service...


Sourcival allows you to evaluate the service of your suppliers

For the next Request fro Proposal you can access the rating of the suppliers


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